WKN France: Nuit des Challenges 17 – international kickboxing in Saint-Fons

Nuit Des Challenges 17

Nuit des Challenges 17 takes place at Palais des Sports in Saint-Fons on Saturday December 16. The event promoted by Nasser Kacem features some of the notable French fighters up against international opponents.

Among the match ups under umbrella of WKN, French middleweight Abdallah Mabel faces off Bulgarian Hristo Hristov in a three-round kickboxing bout. As well, French Yuksel Ayaydin takes on Serbian Mihajlo Kecojevic at super heavyweight. In addition French lightweight Antar Kacem takes on Argentine Nicolas Vega. The line-up can be found below.

Middleweight Abdallah Mabel vs. Hristo Hristov
Super heavyweight Yuksel Ayaydin vs. Mihajlo Kecojevic
Lightweight Antar Kacem vs. Nicolas Vega