WKN Greece: The Battle 18 by WKN nearly full fight card


“The Battle 18 by WKN” celebrates three years of collaboration between the No.1 Greek Fight Show and World Kickboxing Network. Promoted by Stefanos Konstantinidis on April 29, the event takes place at the Olympic Taekwondo Centre in Athens.

The Battle 18 is headlined by a four-man knockout tournament that will determine the best Greek light heavyweight kickboxer of today. In one of the semi-finals Giannis Manolas faces Marios Blanas. In another, Emmanuel Diakam steps in for Dimitris Chiotis, who was forced to withdraw due to injury, and takes on Nikos Tzotzos. The winners of these bouts will meet in the championship round later on the night.

The reserve fighter is Andreas Bibaj. Chiotis will fight the winner of the GP at the future event.

In addition the program includes Ladies First special as well as a series of MMA and Boxing bouts. The current lineup is presented below.

The Battle 18 fight card

WKN Greek Light Heavyweight Grand Prix
Semi-final: Giannis Manolas vs. Marios Blanas
Semi-final: Emmanuel Diakam vs. Nikos Tzotzos
Reserve fighter: Andreas Bibaj

Catchweight (52.5 kg) Xanthi Raftopoulou vs. Reggina Tsampodimou
Lightweight Sargis Petrosyan vs. TBA

Lightweight Giannis Michalopoulos vs. Kleovoulos Loucaides
Middleweight John Pale vs. Zoran Dod
Flyweight Christina Stelliou vs. TBA

Welterweight Stelios Papadopoulos vs. Devis Perez
Light Heavyweight Nika Sekhniashvili vs. Thomas Klembert