WKN Greece: GT Fight Night Round 3 – WKN National title at stake in Corfu

GT Fight Night Round 3

GT Fight Night Round 3: Aris Antoni vs. Vaggelis Rigas

GT Fight Night Round 3 is held on Saturday October 7 in Corfu. The main event is WKN Greek National championship featuring Aris Antoni of Sorts Center Corfu up against Vaggelis Rigas of God’s Camp. The pair will battle out within the five rounds of Muay Thai.

The promoter of the event is Tatsis Tsirigakis. The championship supervisor is Stefanos Konstantinidis, representing World Kickboxing Network.

WKN Greek National Championship / 5×2 / Class B
Aris Antoni (Sports Center Corfu) vs. Vaggelis Rigas (God’s Camp)