WKN Greece: Stefanos Konstantinidis presents The Battle 18


Promoted by famous TV-presenter Stefanos Konstantinidis on April 29 in Athens, “The Battle 18 by WKN” celebrates three years of collaboration between the No.1 Greek Fight Show and the prestigious kickboxing governing. The debut was held month to month in 2015, featuring Alexey Iganshov up against Antonis Tzoros, battling out for WKN International super heavyweight title.

The upcoming event is headlined by a four-man knockout tournament that will determine the best Greek light heavyweight kickboxer of today. The roster includes Pavlos “Scarface” Misias (42-5, 21 KOs) of Kritikos Camp, who is the Greek champion in Olympic boxing as a junior, with numerous professional kickboxing bouts behind his belt. Also on the card Nikos “Junior” Tzotzos (10-0) of Krataios, titled as WKN World Champion in 2015 (B-class), who is undefeated in his first 10 professional kickboxing bouts. The names of two other participants will be announced in the near future.

Also on the card two more WKN Greek titles in kickboxing and MMA, as well as WKN International championship bout. The match ups will be announced shortly.