WKN Northern Ireland: Michael Swann Wins WKN National Title at ProKick Roadshow

ProKick Roadshow Results

ProKick Roadshow Back n Ards produces an evening of international kickboxing on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Queen’s Hall in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

Back n Ards Fight Results – ProKick Report

The event was promoted by a former 4-time world champion, Ireland’s kickboxing legend Billy Murray.

In the main event ProKick fighter Michael Swann challenged Cathal Dunne of Wolfpack Athlone. The WKN all Ireland amateur title was for grabs at 4×2 minute rounds in the light welterweight division under the Full Contact rules. Swann has taken the forth round knockout victory.

Jake McCreedy, along with a female World Champion, Samantha Robb, featured on the card. Also Prokick’s adopted Swiss son, Killian Emery, competed at the Queens Hall. Alongside adult matches on the card, the event focused on the kids for a light-contact competition and demon matches.

Fight Results

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Championship of Ireland
Full Contact / Light Welterweight / 4x2mn
Michael Swann (Belfast, Northern Ireland) wins by KO R4 vs Cathal Dunne (Athlone, Ireland)

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Prestige Bout
Low-kick / Super lightweight / 4x2mn
Samantha Robb (Northern Ireland) wins on points vs Dominika Rembelska (Poland)

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Prestige Bout
Low-kick / Super lightweight / 3x2mn
Jake McCreedy (Northern Ireland) wins on points vs Courtney Vella (Malta)

WKN Kickboxing Amateur Prestige Bout
K-1 / Lightweight / 3x2mn
Killian Emery (Switzerland) wins on points vs Aiden Borg (Malta)

Demo bouts and kids matches can be found here.