WKN Italy: Francesco Picca becomes Italian champion at Invictus Arena 24

Francesco Picca wins WKN title at Invictus Arena 24

Promoted by Riccardo Lecca, Invictus Arena 24 was held at Palasport “A. Vespucci” in Rome on Sunday December 3. The fight card included the representatives of the country host, as well as international competitors.

The highlight of the show featured Natale Allegra of Team Saladino face off Francesco Picca of Team Invictus. The pair battled out for WKN Italian lightweight title.

The three-round contest went the distance. Picca was pronounced as the winner by decision, and as a result became a new champion in the division, taking a prestigious belt.

The championship supervisor was Antonio Alias of Sardinia.

WKN Italian lightweight title / oriental kickboxing / 3×3 mn
Francesco Picca def. Natale Allegra by decision