Invictus Arena 25 results: Picca wins WKN International GP, Dokic takes Italian tourney

Invictus Arena 25 results

Riccardo Lecca presented Invictus Arena 25 on December 15 at PalaSantoro in Rome, Italy. The event featured two WKN Grand Prix contested in the format of a four-man knockout tournament.

One of the Grand Prix was an international contest at 65 kg. The representative of the country-host Francesco Picca scored two victories during one evening consequently becoming the winner. In the semi-final he defeated Petru Morari of Moldova. In the final he defeated Xavier Lejour of Belgium.

Picca added a new title belt to his collection. Last year he won WKN Italian Lightweight championship scoring a decision against Natale Allegra.

The second Grand Prix featured Italian competitors battling out at 75 kg. Armin Dokic came out victories when he defeated Francesco Palermo and Roman Kozak.

The undercard featured a series of kickboxing and MMA bouts. The complete WKN Grand Prix results can be found below.

Invictus Arena 25 results

WKN International Grand Prix -65 kg
Final Francesco Picca def. Xavier Lejour
Semifinal Francesco Picca def. Petru Morari
Semifinal Xavier Lejour def. Dennis Haddad

WKN Italian Grand Prix -75 kg
Final Armin Dokic def. Francesco Palermo
Semifinal Armin Dokic def. Roman Kozak
Semifinal Francesco Palermo def. Fatmir Gordi