WKN Japan: Ganryujima 7.31 – New Japanese Martial Arts Sensation in Photos

Ganryujima 7.31 - Photo Report of Spectacular Event

Ganryujima 7.31 produces a spectacular Martial Arts event live on Fuji TV on Sunday, 31st July 2016 from Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan.

Ganryujima 7.31 showcased an eight-fight bill with the international competitors from different sports of the fight game. Promoter of the event is Sadaharu Tanikawa, who is a former executive of K-1. Ganryujima collaborates with the WKN. The number one kickboxing federation provides the matchmaking for the events, as well as international recognition.

Ganryujima 7.31 Results

Shinsuke Seto wins on points (3-0) vs Natanel Parisi

Akihiko Mori wins in R2 v Iwamaru Yutaro

Boldbaatar Udral wins in R1 vs Michele Verginelli

Gabriel wins in R1 vs Umiho

Rukuku Dali wins in R1 vs Tuntunmin

Elvis Moyo wins in R5 vs Kiyoshi Tamura

Evgeny Sharomaev wins in R1 v Star Style

Katsunori Kikuno wins in R1 vs Kuntappu Chan Roy Chai

Ganryujima 7.31 Photo Report

Ganryujima promotes the Way of the Samurai.

Ganryujima rules of fighting are MMA, but without submissions. Also instead of the boxing ring or MMA octagon, the competition is held in a flat circle, equivalent to Sumo. The ground-work allows punching as well as all-around wrestling techniques. The bouts are also required to be dynamic for entertainment TV purposes. The lack of activity on the floor leads to a quick stand-up to resume the action.