WKN Korea: Dong-Su Kim becomes WKN World Champion at ICX Seoul

ICX Seoul results

ICX Seoul was held on May 14 live on SpoTV

International kickboxing promotion ICX Seoul made history. The event marked the first WKN World championship ever held on the territory of Korea. The gala promoted by Sportizen was held at the 4,600-seat Jangchung Gymnasium. The fight card comprised nine bouts with athletes representing seven different nationalities.

The highlight of the show featured Dong-Su Kim of Korea up against Kevin Eiberg of Germany. The five-round contest was for the vacant WKN World lightweight title. The judges decision went in favor of the representative of the country-host. As a result, Don-Su Kim was crowned a new champion in the division, as well as went in history as the first kickboxer to win the World Kickboxing Network title in Korea.

WKN World lightweight championship / Kickboxing / 5x3mn
Dong Su Kim (South Korea) defeats Kevin Eiberg (Germany) by decision