WKN Mayotte: World Championship headlines King of Kickboxing

Mayotte King of Kickboxing

Five WKN titles will be contested tonight at the “King of Kickboxing” event promoted by Abdallah Salim in Dzaoudzi, Mayotte. The event airs live on KWEZI TV featuring World, InterContinental and three Indian Ocean championship bouts, with local and international competitors coming from Madagascar, Tanzania, Reunion Island and Kenya.

In the main event Hirachidine Saindou of Mayotte faces off Andifita Mahery of Madagascar. The pair battles out for WKN World Welterweight title.

In the co-main event local Jerome Valla takes on Saleh Abdallah of Tanzania. The contest is for WKN InterContinental Welterweight title.

The rest of the card includes the Indian Ocean regional championship bouts.

The official weigh-in ceremony was conducted on Thursday in attendance of WKN World President Stephane Cabrera.

Post weigh-in the delegation visited the village Labattoir, where a new police station was open, with the support of the Mayor Mr Said Omar Oili and municipal council Mr Aladini.

In addition, WKN President Cabrera and event promoter Salim appeared in the Le Journal programme live on Le Mayotte la 1ère channel.

Fight card

WKN World Welterweight title / Kickboxing / 5x3mn
Hirachidine Saindou (Mayotte) vs. Andifita Mahery (Madagascar)

WKN InterContinental Welterweight title / Kickboxing / 5x3mn
Jerome Valla (Mayotte) vs. Saleh Abdallah (Tanzania)

WKN Indian Ocean Welterweight title / Kickboxing / 5x3mn
Moussa Raphael (Tanzania) vs. Pierre Voari (Madagascar)

WKN Indian Ocean Women’s Super Featherweight title / Kickboxing / 3x3mn
Joice Ojina (Kenya) vs. Larissa Razanamialy (Madagascar)

WKN Indian Ocean Super Welterweight title / Kickboxing / 5x3mn
Boris Silva (Reunion Island) vs. Jumanne Simba (Tanzania)