WKN Northern Ireland: Back at the Clayton Sunday-special made in Prokick


Prokick at Clayton Hotel Belfast

WKN is back to Northern Ireland on Sunday October 14 with a Sunday fight-special produced by Billy Murray. The “made in Prokick” event takes place at Clayton Hotel Belfast featuring the A-list representatives of the country-host up against international opponents coming from Cyprus, Scotland, Ireland and Italy.

The event is headlined by local welterweight Johnny Smith up against Periklis Filippou of Cyprus. The highlight features Northern Ireland’s Matthew Kerr face off Shane Weir of Scotland battling out for WKN Celtic Super Welterweight title.

The undercard features amateur and junior contests. The full lineup can be found below.

Main card
WKN International Welterweight bout / Oriental Rules / 3x3mn
Johnny Smith (Northern Ireland) Vs Periklis Filippou (Cyprus)

WKN International Catchweight (75kg) bout / Oriental Rules / 3x2mn
Darren McMullan (Northern Ireland) vs. Nikos Kollias (Cyprus)

WKN Celtic Super Welterweight title / Full Contact / 4x2mn
Matthew Kerr (Northern Ireland) vs. Shane Weir (Scotland)

Catchweight (50 kg) / 4x2mn
Rowena Bolt (Northern Ireland) vs. Valentina De Santis (Italy)

54 kg Jay Snoddon vs. Antreas Rousogenis
58 kg Grace Goody vs. Rebecca Blake
56 kg James Braniff vs. Jack Anderson
78 kg Reza Davies vs. Aaron Smyth
57 kg Joshua Madden vs. Liam Green
80 kg Martin Carson vs. David McCormack
65 kg Camryn Brown vs. Bayley Spragg