WKN Northern Ireland: ProKick Kickboxing at Stormont Hotel – main card

ProKick Kickboxing

International kickboxing returns to Northern Ireland on February 17. Promoted by Billy Murray the next edition of “made-in ProKick” events takes place at Stormont Hotel in Belfast, featuring the A-list representatives of the country-host, international fighters, as well as the amateur competitors.

The main event is a three-round flyweight battle between Cathy McAleer of Northern Ireland and Martyna Ciaskowska of Poland. The co-main event is the All-Ireland welterweight bout between Johnny Smith and Eric McCormack.

The undercard features a set of amateur bouts and novice competitors. The current lineup can be found below.

Fight card

Main card
WKN International bout / 53kg / Oriental rules / 3x3mn
Cathy McAleer (Northern Ireland) vs. Martyna Ciaskowska (Poland)

WKN International bout / 70kg / Oriental rules / 3x3mn
Johnny Smith (Northern Ireland) vs. Eric McCormack (Ireland)

WKN International amateur bout / 53kg / Full Contact / 3x3mn
Rowena Bolt (Northern Ireland) vs. Kerry Doyle (Ireland)

WKN International amateur bout / 74 kg / Kickboxing / 3x2mn
Salman Shariati (Northern Ireland) vs. Patryn Klak (Poland)

Under card
Novice Full-Contact match 3×2 – 58kg
Grace Goody (Belfast, NI) – Vs Jade Molloy (Wolfpack)

Novice Full-Contact match 3×2 – 72kg
Matthew Kerr (Belfast, NI) Vs Joe Campbell (Wolfpack)

Novice Full-Contact match 3×2 – 80-82kg
Vasil Ivanov ( Belfast,NI) Vs Stephen Brien

Novice Full-Contact match 3×2 – 82kg
David Rose (Belfast, NI) Vs Paul Lynn (Golden Dragon)

Novice Full-Contact match 3×2 – 55kg
David Balog (Belfast, NI) Vs Michael McKay (Golden Dragon)

Novice Full-Contact match 3×2 – 62-64kg
Rachel McCartan (Belfast, NI) Vs Intalks confirming match

Light-Contact match 2×2 54kg
Joshua Madden (Belfast, NI) Vs Ben Flattery (Top Pro Carlow)

Light Contact match 2×2
Jay Snodden(Belfast, NI) Vs Filip Nowak (Poland)

light contact match 2×2
James Braniff (Belfast, NI) Vs Krill Eagan (Wolfpack)