Tomasz Makowski

Simply The Best 13 Nowa Sol kickboxing world championship fight show was held on Saturday, December 3, 2016 in Poland.

In the headliner Tomasz Makowski of Poland battled out against Nicola Canu of Italian Sardinia. The WKN kickboxing super featherweight world title was for grabs. After five rounds of professional kickboxing the verdict from judges proclaimed a unanimous decision in favor of local star. As a result Tomasz “Maku” Makowski earns a prestigious WKN world championship belt.

The semi-main event has seen Lukasz Plawecki going up against Lello Perego of Belgium. The pair challenged for the WKN super welterweight world title. The bout went on distance. The pronounced decision crowned Plawecki as a new owner of the honorable belt.

In addition the championship card included Slawomir Przypis of Poland vs Erik Matejovsky of Slovakia. The light heavyweights went head to head in the international title fight. After three rounds of action Przypis earned a decision.

Cezary Podraza supervised the event. Osman Yigin presented at the gala. Simply The Best 13 Nowa Sol finalizes the second season of eminent WKN kickboxing series on SFR Kombat Sport (SFR Sport 5).

Fight Results

WKN Kickboxing World Championship / Super Featherweight / 5x3mn
Tomasz Makowski (Poland) wins on points vs Nicola Canu (Italy)

WKN Kickboxing World Championship / Super Welterweight / 5x3mn
Lukasz Plawecki (Poland) wins on points vs Lello Perego (Belgium)

WKN Kickboxing International Championship / Oriental Rules / Light Heavyweight / 3x3mn
Slawomir Przypis (Poland) wins on points vs Erik Matejovsky (Slovakia)

Kickboxing International Bout / Oriental Rules / Middleweight / 3x3mn
Michal Szmajda (Poland) wins on points vs Omer Kurt (Holland)

Kickboxing International Bout / Super Middleweight / 3x3mn
Pawel Jedrzejczyk (Poland) wins by split decision vs Matous Kohout (Czech Republic)

Muay Thai International Bout / Super Featherweight / 3x3mn
Maciej Zembik (Poland) wins on points vs Tomas Tadlanek (Slovakia)

Kickboxing International Bout / Heavyweight / 3x2mn
Marcin Bondar (Poland) wins on points vs Denis Lamanec (Slovakia)

Muay Thai International Bout / Lightweight / 3x3mn
Michaela Michl (Germany) wins by TKO R3 vs Joanna Swiatkiewicz (Poland)