WKN returns to India with FraggingMonk Fight Night: Vaibhav vs Ashwin

FraggingMonk Fight Night: Vaibhav vs Ashwin

The World Kickboxing Network returns to India on November 28 with FraggingMonk Fight Night, taking place in Bengaluru. In the main event Vaibhav Shetty and Ashwin Naidu will battle it out for WKN International light heavyweight kickboxing title.

Vaibhav Shetty, who is also a promoter of the show, holds the 7-6, 4 KOs record in MMA, and 2-0 in kickboxing. Ashwin Naidu is 8-8, 4 KOs in MMA, 3-4, 2 KOs in Muay Thai and 2-0 in Full Contact Kung Fu.

In September 2018, World Kickboxing Network backed Kumite 1 League with Mike Tyson in Mumbai. WKN World President Stephane Cabrera was in attendance.

“We look forward to the first official WKN championship to be held in India,” said Stephane Cabrera. “Following productive negotiations with promoter Vaibhav Shetty, we also aim to help develop the Indian talent internationally.”

“I look forward to visit India once again. But due to pandemic, unfortunately, it’s impossible to attend the upcoming event.”

FraggingMonk Fight Night airs live on FITE.