WKN Sardinia: Fanni vs. Cano for WKN European Jr. title in Bari Sardo

WKN Sardinia

World Kickboxing Network returns to Sardinia on May 26 with an international gala held in commune Bari Sardo. The event follows a series of promotions held in Oristano and Iglesias.

The event promoted by Team Rodriguez and The Legionary Club Barisardo features a series of bouts with WKN European junior title in Muay Thai contested in the main event.

Local Miriam Fanni faces Carla Cano of Spain, squaring off in a three-round contest. The fixed weight class is set at 50.5 kg.

WKN European jr. Championship / 3x2mn / 50.5 kg
Miriam Fanni (Sardinia) vs. Carla Cano (Spain)