WKN Sardinia: Lorenzo Piras becomes World Champion in Sardinia


Antonio and Alessandro Alias presented The Night of Super Fight 6 on April 22, 2017 in Iglesias.

Lorenzo Piras of Italy and Allan Gozdzicki of Belgium battled out for the vacant WKN World lightweight title in oriental kickboxing. The championship bout was the first time in history of Sardinia when the WKN World title was contested on its soil.

A close challenge went on distance with the judges verdict proclaiming the local favorite as the winner. As a result Piras was crowned as a new title holder in the division.

WKN kickboxing world championship / Lightweight / Oriental Rules / 5x3mn
Lorenzo Piras (Sardinia) defeats Allan Gozdzicki (Belgium) by judges decision

The contest in muaythai Team Sardinia vs Team Spain, as well as a series of super bouts in kickboxing and muaythai featured on the program.