WKN Slovakia: Tomas Mozny Victorious at Rebuy Stars Fight Night


Lukas Bodyy and Petr Lamac presented an international gala Rebuy Stars Fight Night on Saturday June 3 in Kosice.

Rebuy Stars Fight Night was a nine-fight bill that marked a return of “The Giant Slovak” Tomas Mozny. The latter faced off Alen Kapetanovic, coming out victorious from their three-round heavyweight encounter.

In addition two WKN titles were challenged on the night. Vladimir Konsky of Slovakia earned the WKN International super welterweight belt when he defeated Conan Saelens of Belgium. As well, Samuel Hadzima was crowned as a new WKN Slovakian lightweight champion which followed his victory against Lukas Mandinec.

The program comprised a series of international kickboxing bouts, as well as Boxing and MMA contests.

Fight Results

Rebuy Stars Fight Night: Mozny makes victorious comeback, Konsky wins WKN International title, Hadzima WKN Slovakian champion

WKN International super heavyweight bout / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Tomas Mozny (Slovakia) def. Alen Kapetanovic (Czech) by decision

WKN International super welterweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Vladimir Konsky (Slovakia) def. Conan Saelens (Belgium) by decision

WKN Slovakian lightweight title / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Samuel Hadzima def. Lukas Mandinec by decision

WKN International light heavyweight bout / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Vladimir Idrany (Slovakia) def. Petros Vardakas (Greece) by decision

WKN International super welterweight bout / Oriental kickboxing / 3x3mn
Pavol Garaj (Slovakia) def. David van Branteghem (Belgium) by KO R1

Heavyweight: Kristof Nataska def. Alexandr Cverna
Middleweight: Michal Dobias def. Danijel Arandjelovic

Heavyweight: Marian Michalec def. Frantisek Kynkal
Heavyweight: Radoslav Estoncin def. Jusuf Hajrovic

Photo Report