WKN Slovakia: Vladimir Idranyi on Top of Europe at Simply The Best 2016 Poprad

Vladimiar Irdanyi Wins WKN Kickboxing European Title

Vladimir Idranyi defeats Matous Kohout and earns the WKN kickboxing European title at Simply The Best 2016 Poprad on October 1 in Slovakia.

Vladimir Idranyi of Slovakia and Matous Kohout of Czech Republic headlined a magnificent gala promoted by Lukas Bodyy in coordination with Petr Lamac at Arena Porad. The show was the eleventh edition of the WKN world series on SFR Sport 5, SIMPLY THE BEST. The event aired live on three national TV networks. Three WKN championship belts were for grabs.

Idranyi vs Kohout was a solid, technical and passionate championship fight that went on distance. After the five rounds of action the judges verdict brought Idranyi on the top of European pedestal. He has earned an authoritative WKN belt, consequently cemented his name in the upper strings of the international kickboxing rankings.

In the international kickboxing championship Xavier Lejour of Belgium defeated Slovak Samuel Hadzima. The MMA clash titled a new champion, when local Emin Sefa defeated Portuguese Vitor Pinto.

In addition, Simply The Best 2016 Poprad was a historic event for Colombia. Andres Dussan is the first ever kickboxer to represent this beautiful South American country on European continent. Even though Dussan suffered a loss to a strong Slovak Tomas Senkyr, the history is made.

The championship bouts on the night went under the supervision of the WKN official Osman Yigin from Belgium. The World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera presented at the event as a special guest.

An outstanding sports gala was a full house of a spectators, fight fans and guests. A number of popular kickboxers including Tomas Mozny, Petr Vondracek and Ivana Miklasova attended the show.

Fight Results

WKN Kickboxing European Championship
Light Heavyweight / Oriental Rules / 5x3mn
Vladimir Idranyi (Slovakia) wins on points vs Matous Kohout (Czech Republic)

WKN Kickboxing Oriental Rules International Bout -74.000 kg / 3x3mn
Pavol Garaj (Slovakia) wins on points vs Michal Szmajda (Poland)

WKN Kickboxing Oriental Rules International Bout +96.000 kg / 3x3mn
Radovan Kulla (Slovakia) wins on points vs Lubos Rauser (Czech Republic)

WKN MMA International Championship
Middleweight / 3x5mn
Emin Sefa (Slovakia) wins on points vs Vitor Pinto (Portugal)

WKN Kickboxing Intercontinental Super Fight
Super Light Heavyweight / Oriental Rules / 3x3mn
Tomas Senkyr (Slovakia) wins by KO R1 vs Andres Dussan (Colombia)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 86,000kg
Adrian Valentin (Slovakia) wins by KO R3 vs Jevgenij Volcek (Belarus)

WKN Kickboxing International Championship
Lightweight / Oriental Rules / 3x3mn
Xavier Lejour (Belgium) wins on points vs Samuel Hadzima (Slovakia)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 75,000 kg
Stefan Meszaros (Slovakia) wins on points vs Bartosz Zajac (Poland)

MMA / 3×3 +95kg
Robert Voves (Czech Republic) wins by TKO R1 (Referee Stoppage) vs Josef Krsak (Slovakia)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 80,000 kg
Michal Helbich (Slovakia) wins on points vs Erik Matejovsky (Slovakia)

Kickboxing Oriental Rules / 3x3mn – 82,500 kg
David Subjak (Slovakia) wins on points vs Ivo Zednicek (Czech Republic)

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