WKN Slovakia: Simply the Best 18 Poprad: three WKN titles on the line

Simply the Best 18 Poprad

World-class kickboxing returns to Slovakia with Simply the Best 18 held at Arena Poprad on March 16. The event promoted by Lukas Bodyy features ten bouts with three WKN contested on the line. The roster includes kickboxing, boxing and MMA bouts.

Slovakian super middleweight Vladimir Idrany meets French Dylan Colin in a five-round World Championship bout. “The Giant Slovak” Tomas Mozny faces Greek heavyweight Christos Soulas in a three-round non-title bout (TBC).

Samuel Hadzima battles out against Belgian Tarik Mahillon in a three-round rematch bout for WKN International title. Erik Matejovsky and Jozef Kolodzej square off in a three-round battle for WKN Slovakian light heavyweight belt. The full fight card can be found below.

Heavyweight Tomas Mozny (TBC) vs. Christos Soulas

WKN World super middleweight title / 5×3 mn
Vladimir Idranyi (Slovakia) vs. Dylan Colin (France)

Heavyweight Ivan Bartek vs. Petr Vondracek

WKN International lightweight title / 3×3 mn
Samuel Hadzima (Slovakia) vs. Tarik Mahillon (Belgium)

Super Featherweight Cyril Pazitny vs Andrii Stashkiv

WKN Slovakian light heavyweight title / 3×3 mn
Erik Matejovsky vs. Jozef Kolodzej

Catchweight (91 kg) Radoslav Estocin vs. Adam Koprowski
Catchweight (84 kg) Alex Serbic vs. Martin Orsuliak
Catchweight (85 kg) Josef Kusmirek vs. Vlasto Cepo

Featherweight Ladislav Koky vs. Jakub Kukla