WKN Spain: Terranosa defeats Vasquez, takes WKN title at HDH 93 Madrid


HDH 93 results

MMA event Hombres de Honor 93 was held on Sunday April 15 in Madrid, Spain. The event promoted by Chinto Mordillo took place at Roller Center, featuring an international card with WKN title contested in the main event.

Daniel Vasquez and Teto Terranossa squared off inside the MMA cage, battling out for WKN Spanish bantamweight title. The bout went in favor of the latter who earned a prestigious belt. In addition the program included WMMAA Open (World Mixed Martial Arts Association).

HDH 93 followed the previous edition held in Spanish capital earlier this year. The event featured Enoc Solves and Karla Benitez earning WKN titles by way of TKO.

Bantamweight Teto Terranossa def. Daniel Vasquez