WKN Spain: Hombres De Honor MMA 91 – Karla Benitez vs Noemi Gonzales

HDH 92

Promoted by Chinto Mordillo, Hombres de Honor 91 is held on February 18 in Madrid. Two WKN International titles will be contested on the night.

In addition to the previously announced main event bout between Spanish middleweight Enoc Solves Torres (21-10) and Artem Shokalo (24-21) of Ukraine, Karla Benitez (15-11) challenges for flyweight strap going up against Noemi Gonzales of Bolivia.

Middleweight Enoc Solves Torres (21-10 / Spain) vs. Artem Shokalo (24-21 / Ukraine)
Flyweight Karla Benitez (15-11 / Venezuela / Spain) vs. Noemi Gonzales (Bolivia)