WKN Spain: Hombres de Honor 82 – Javier Fuentes Wins WKN MMA Title

Javier Fuentes defeats Simone Bottino in the WKN MMA championship at Hombres de Honor 82 in Madrid

Javier Fuentes defeats Simone Bottino on Saturday, February 11, 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

Javier Fuentes (9-3-0) and Simone Bottino (5-3-0) challenged for the WKN MMA 77 kg National title of Spain. The championship headlined Hombres de Honor 82 at Quattro Macro Discotheque. The contest ended in the first round. The referee stopped the fight at 1 minute 35 seconds.

WKN MMA Championship of Spain / 5×5 mn – 77 kg
Javier Fuentes wins by TKO R1 vs Simone Bottino