WKN Thailand: Borbepas replaces Sitchansing, faces Rangrazian

Nong-Aun Borbepas vs Farzad Rangrazian

WKN returns to Thailand on August 20 with Asian Championship held in Bangkok. The event follows a series of title bouts the organization has held in Pattaya, Phuket and the city-capital over the last three years.

The upcoming event is headlined by WKN Asian Lightweight title fight between Iranian Farzad Rangrazian and the representative of the country-host Nong-Aun Borbepas. The latter replaces his Thai-fellow Singsamang Sitchansing.

WKN Asian Lightweight title
Nong-Aun Borbepas (Thailand) vs. Farzad Rangrazian (Iran)