WKN Top Team: Laetitia Madjene faces Wang Kehan at Kunlun Fight 69

Laetitia Madjene

French prominent kickboxer out of “Dynamite Centre”, Laetitia Madjene starts the 2018 season on February 4. Fighting out of Jacou, proche de Montpellier, France, the representative of WKN Top Team faces Chinese Wang Kehan at Kunlun Fight 69 held in Guiyang, China.

In 2016-2017 Madjene defeated Canadian Candice Mitchell and Dutch Anissa Haddaoui. She was expected to face Kehan in the final of KF women’s tournament, however the contest didn’t go ahead.

The bout is rescheduled as the super fight for Kunlun Fight 69, and will go ahead at three by three minute rounds at the 63 kg weight class.