WKN Tunis: Agreement Made For Kickboxing Development in Tunis

Osman Yigin Heads WKN Kickboxing Delegation to Tunis

From October 28 to 30, 2016 Osman Yigin travels to Djerba, Tunis leading the official WKN delegation.

The WKN world office made an agreement with the Union Tunisienne de K1 et Disciplines Associées (UTK1&DA) to commence international development of kickboxing in Tunis.

The agreement has been established with Mr Mounir Twati and Mr Mahmoudi Zoubair of UTK1&DA towards the productive development and elevation of the sport of kickboxing in the country under the umbrella of the WKN.

WKN director Osman Yigin (former 10-time world champion) will visit Djerba for an official meeting. Together with the Sport Authorities of Tunis he will also host a kickboxing seminar that expects the attendants from all around the country that includes nearly a hundred of gyms.

The WKN schedules an international kickboxing promotion of the professional level in Tunis in the nearest future.