Iran and WKN Kickboxing Make the Story of Success

Iran enters kickboxing world via the WKN and within a year succeeds to be a part of the numerous national and international events.

Since the start of the WKN collaboration with Mr Reza Hejazi and Mr Tofan Pirani, Iran has been a prominent country of kickboxing world. The notable events include two Iranian national championships, two international title bouts in Thailand, official meeting, press conference and seminar with Mr Stephane Cabrera and Mr Osman Yigin in Tehran.

The upcoming list of events includes a participation of Iranian athlete Ali Mahro Bakhtiari in the All Asia 8 Man Tournament at Ganryujima 10.21 on October 21 in Japan. It also features Iranian fighter Mohammad Hossein Doroudian in the WKN kickboxing international bout versus Lello Perego of Belgium at Simply The Best 12 Farciennes on November 20.

The number of the following events are currently in makes with a solid aim to keep popularizing and develop sport in Iran.